Why BirthPaws?

 BirthPaws came into being because I wanted a piece of jewelry to represent my dog.  When we got our first dog Rusty  in 1998, I worked for a well known retail jeweler.  We sold lots of Mother's Jewelry, at the time I didn't have kids and didn't want them (my how things change).  I looked all over for a piece of pawprint jewelry, but couldn't find anything I really liked.  So I worked with a jeweler I knew well, and he created the first BirthPaws pendant for me.  I liked it, but it wasn't quite right, so found another jeweler to work with and got the design much closer to what I wanted, but he wasn't good about returning phone calls and took too long to get the work done.  A co-worker recommended another jeweler and we finally got the design and manufacturing right-then he unexpectedly passed away.  Fortunately his business partner  kept the business going and we are still working together today.

Friends and family encouraged me to bring them to market, but for many reasons I put it off.  Fast forward to 2010 when after almost 20 years I was let go from that well known retail jeweler.  That was just the kick in the butt I needed to finally get BirthPaws up and running.

Life has changed a lot since BirthPaws was a concept.  We added another dog named Sparkle to our family in 2000.  She started my love of the Jack Russell Terrier, then in 2002 Jack joined our family.   Rusty, Sparkle and Jack are no longer with us.  We currently live with our 5 Jack Russell Terriers- Pearl, Fios, Starr, Iris and Ziggy and had a beautiful daughter in 2014.

Other interests include Dog Training (specifically Canine Fitness), Raw Feeding, Natural Remedies especially Aromatherapy, 

and Crystals, Wire Wrapping Jewelry, DIY Crafts, and Sewing.  Keep an eye on the website for new products related to these interests and new BirthPaws designs coming soon.